We are a Professional Digital Marketing, Custom Creative Design and
Development Website/Application Studio located in Bangkok, Thailand.
-Full-service web solutions to help your business grow.-

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Best Tools

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Web eCommerce
Online shopping cart

Magento is the best eCommerce platform. That we choose for every client. We also open Magento society website for sharing everything that we know about eCommerce business. We can support every type of the online web store and commercial business. By professional Thai designer and developer that have many experience on Magento platform.

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Web Creative Design
Web Interactive Development

Concrete5 is an amazing CMS that can design and create any website from your idea that you want to do and want it be in your website, we can support all of your idea with our wizard team. Best security, flexibility, responsive and easy to use without coding knowledge. All of our clients always impressive and love to use it. Easy to mange and custom SEO for online marketing.

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design and development

Wordpress is the most popular CMS, Most developer use it for their clients. Even normal users whose start to to learn to build their website still choose Wordpress as their first CMS. From Wordpress's functionality, it's flexibility, responsive and user friendly that suitable for people who don't know coding . For all, Kzy has a best team for wordpress cms to support any requirement and any kind of website.

Best Services

The strong gears in our machine.

Best Work Solution

Good concept and good plan always made a good things.

Follow Evaluation System on Awwwards.com, we found the best solution work system for our customer and it 's always on now trending.

  • 40% Graphic Design

    Your website can sale and explain by itself from what you be and what you are. That is our duty to design for you.
  • 30% UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience)

    Your website must be clear and easy understanding and when people use, it must friendly too.
  • 20% Creativity & System

    Your website must be difference and better than your competitors. And it must be easy when you manage it.
  • 10% Contents

    Contents is the most important thing that Google give value in your website on search results. We always care for your SEO friendly.


From our experiences and today trends, these are what we done.

Clients's Testimonial

Some clients's voice for what we done.